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A comprehensive formula of multiple antioxidant, rich in nutrients and minerals, it has strong antioxidant potency synergistically formulated in capsule form. It helps the body neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals to effectively combat illness and slow down aging process.

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VGCaps is an alkalizing supplement or alkaline-producing supplement, its ingredients are safe and natural, with no preservative that kills potency of nutrients. It represents all in one nutritional food supplement that prevents the attack of illness. It repairs body damages and enhances regeneration of cells. Every capsule contains 500mg with a breakdown of 250mg mixture of native vegetables such as Malunggay, Ampalaya, Saluyot, Siling Labuyo, Papaya, Taro Leaves and Camote Leaves and 250mg Minerals that promote body alkalinity and serve as escort in binding nutrition in the trillion cells of the body.

Those plants help people achieve wellness and prevent them from getting Cancer, Diabetes, Heart diseases, Asthma, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Rheumatism, Lung problems, Ulcer, Pathological Hemorrhoids, Weak Eyesight, Dyspepsia, Cataract, Post Menopausal problem, Dysmenorrhea, Mental problem and Degenerative Diseases.



For Cleansing:

VGCaps ingredients have the capability to detoxify and cleanse our body, most especially our intestine which maybe full of unrealeased toxins. The combination of right ingredients, promotes powerful detoxification while at the same time cleanses our intestines.

For Regenaration:

The science of cellular nutrition is discussed in plenty of books, although vaguely defined and explained. The cell generation process needs enough supply of food nutrition which in turn, needs minerals to serve as safeguard for its entry into the cells. Therefore, enough nutrition and minerals are necessary in feeding and protecting our body cells. VGCaps contains complete nutrition for our cell.

For PH Balance:

Most people suffering from degenerative diseases are acidic. Their illnesses start with the destruction or malfunctioning of their cells caused by free radicals (toxins) coming from the environment or because of nutritional deficiency. These cancer cells may create neoplasm. When the body is acidic, its growth can easily be accelerated resulting into cysts, tumors, cancer or any kind of degenerative diseases. As so to prevent illnesses, the body should be alkalized because cancer cell cannot exist in an alkaline environment. VGCaps however, contains minerals for fast alkalizing effects.

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